Notificamos is the first ever full-fledged offer site in Bangladesh

Notificamos is a Spanish word. It means WE NOTIFY.

Any kind of offers especially discount offers, new arrival offers and special offers.

Any business entity either physical or ecommerce site.

It's Simple. Just register and let us know about your offer (s)

It's huge starting from company branding to communicate with customers.

For details, call: 88-01700600400 or 88-01700660033

Simply said, just know the offer first then go and you'll definitely WIN. Just visit your favorite offers and click on FAVORITE.

Due to current market situation, Notificamos doesn't sell the product or service. The customer needs to go to the market or ecommerce shopdirectly

Gossip Zone is for the users who want to ASK anything or SHARE something or to get REVIEW of any products/ service.

For more clarification, mail: info@notificamos.com